With more than 20 year of experience, I started my career learning from one of the most reputable Spanish Art Director, Javier Fernández, who gave me his passion for this profession and also opened the doors for the first big projects with leading production firms.

After this first experience, which helped me in acquiring valuable insight on this trade, I was eager to continue learning so I decided to complement my active work agenda with further academic studies, thus, I enrolled in Escuela de Diseño y nuevas tecnologias de Madrid first and in C.E.V. later.

All the efforts paid off and 10 years ago I was promoted to Team Leader, working as Art Director for both national and international producers, such as Benito Zambrano, Fran Torres, Mehdi Norowzian, Canada, Pep Bosch, Fernando Colomo or Mario García among others, and leading production firms such as Lee films, Tesauro, Ovideo, Widescope, La Cosa De Las Películas, Manic Butterfly Productions, Gate Films, Indio Films, The Garaje, Bubble, Aproductions, Taxi Films, Raro Films, La Joya Producciones, Fandango Films, Eyeworks.

With an ever growing interest in all things related to design, I started considering broadening my scope of action and funded a company focusing on set construction, interior design and ad-hoc space development. The company quickly became a success with major clients including BBDO, My Way, RACE, Range Rover, Jazztel, Woman, Marlboro, Phillips Morris, Essensis, Disney or Contrapunto, to name a few.

I believe the key to being effective in an industry as demanding as this one is to meet the expectations of the Director, through shared commitment and passion, contributing ideas, and flexible solutions that help realize the end goal of the production whatever it may be.

Diego Sánchez Martin
Tlf; +0034 620355854